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Squirrels, I fumed as I scanned the trees: on no account about as soon as you have to possess a person.

I'd penned a Tale with reference to the Central Park Squirrel Census, the main determined attempt to depend Every squirrel although within the 840 acres which make up the preferred park inside the nation.

Unbelievable as this job seemed, hundreds of volunteers enlisted. On Sunday afternoon, I joined them.

A dozen of us collected within a stone archway near the north end to the park. The Squirrel Census Commander, Jamie Allen, assigned Just about every particular person a a hundred-by-100 meter sq., handed out maps, clipboards and tally sheets, and instructed us to get watchful notes.

“Whenever you see a squirrel, you’re more likely to take a look at it for 30 seconds to the moment,” he inspired. “It’s intending to do a lot in that point.”

The census-takers have recognized about 800 squirrels thus far. But I would drawn a tough sector — the park’s northwest corner, in the occupied intersection from the Higher West Side and Harlem. A lot of my sq. lay outside the house your home the park on your own, a fluke of boundary-drawing that Mr. Allen assured me failed to difficulty primarily for the reason that any squirrels I noticed that near the park lived within it.

I walked the perimeter of my sq., marveling inside the alternative of non-squirrel physical exercise: a teen doing wheelies on 110th Street, Kids skating across the statue of Frederick Douglass throughout the website readers circle, a man hunched about a trash bag sorting by components of unidentifiable nineteen eighties Organization equipment.

A lady pulled down balloon-festooned signs advertising an open home for A 3-Bed room condo. A boy with superhero facial area paint took his mother’s hand due to the fact they descended the subway stairs. A sparrow flitted and skipped beneath a hedge. No squirrels.

Just In the park, youthful little ones sprinted during a playground and also a scraggly cairn terrier strained at his leash. A crow flew overhead, lit with a black locust tree and flew off again.

Beside the playground loomed a mighty oak, within the incredibly the very least forty toes tall. I concluded, listened, searched for telltale movements throughout the Protect. Viewed for slipping acorns. I craned my neck ideal right until it harm, but noticed no squirrels.

No squirrel perched in the rim in the trash can nibbling a discarded crust. No squirrel chased An additional down the trunk of a ginkgo tree. The massive apple’s aggressively cute, cutely intense park mascot expert out in the blue turned elusive.

I looped up a mud route and on to the 110th Avenue bridge and peered down glumly from the tops of silent trees.

I checked time. The twenty 5-minute interval I was imagined to expend canvassing had handed. I took a few hesitant methods once again in the direction of the rendezvous position As soon as i found a cyclist stopped through the side of West Generate, pointing his electronic digicam at something. I followed his line of sight and saw a rustle in the grass.

Up the tiny rise arrived Sciurus carolinensis in all its perky-eared, bushy-tailed woodland majesty, a splendid specimen with cinnamon highlights in its gray coat.

The squirrel took A few solutions, pawed at the bottom, seemed up for Hazard, and recurring the sequence, in that twitching close-commence out way.

Then it rose onto its hind legs and appeared — I have blown up and slowed down and rewatched the online video clip including the Zapruder footage — to take a stage forward in an upright posture, previous to arching comparable to a diver and leaping onto its front paws.

Just as if to celebrate, the squirrel paused and executed a saucy tail dance, leftrightleftrightleftrightleftright, Which may set a touchdown-scoring functioning once more to shame.

With that, it bounded into your weeds and headed down the embankment, to the shouts of youngsters echoing within the tire swing down beneath.

I drew a one while within the corner of my map and headed back once again to rejoin the Other men and women.

The Central Park Squirrel Census finishes on Saturday. Alas, all volunteer slots are stuffed.

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